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DSL Engineer High Tech

Looking for your next DSL project? Be a part of a bunch of MDSE Purists? Always wanted to work on the most challenging language engineering projects in the Netherlands. Continue reading below on what we have to offer.

You as a DSL Engineer High Tech

You are an experienced DSL engineer. In your job you are responsible for developing and designing DSLs (Domain Specific Languages), the generated software runtime and the generator itself. You will work on the design and development of various components. You will take on many technical challenges.
You can do assignments on your own merit, and you are perfectly capable of convincing people of the choices you made.
You are also responsible for the continuous improvement of software quality in many aspects such as coding patterns, testing strategy, and architecture.

Checked all the boxes? Good. Now it is our turn. F1RE is a MDE consultancy company. We are hooked on the possibilities that MDE gives and the way it helps to create good software. We offer an environment where people like you work. Learn from each other and for you to become the driving force of F1RE.

What do you bring as a DSL Engineer High Tech

  • Broad experience with Software Development
  • Worked on DSL’s in a professional environment
  • Able to work in the Netherlands (EU citizen)

Some keyworks;

Broad Java, C# or C++ experience. Scala, Xtext, MPS, Microservices, Agile, Backend

What is the offer for a DSL Engineer High Tech

F1RE is a young company. Established in 2021. We are active in the model driven software engineering domain and work with clients in that have a need for our knowledge and expertise within their projects. In our small history, we already worked on some great technical challenges.

Our internal ecosystem ensures that we can support each other and share knowledge. With the support of our own blog. ( and our own GitLab help to with that. But also, weekly meetings in which we learn for each other.

We are a place where talent can feel at home, and where we have the same passion. We work remote for the most part and meet once a month somewhere in the Netherlands for drinks and fun.

Not only that, but we offer you;

  • Permanent contact
  • Good salary and secondary conditions
    • Pension plan
    • Travel allowance
    • Great hardware
    • Training
  • Work where you want and where you can
  • Involvement in great projects
  • The one and only F1RE hoodie

We would like to get in touch with you and explore the possibilities from there. Hit reply to get the ball rolling!

Maarten Fekkers
DSL Engineer High Tech

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